Saturday, August 11, 2007

A bit of poetry

Hi out there in blogdom. This is my first attempt at putting together my own blog site. My brother has helped me with a website for years. You can find it at when it's up and functioning. At the moment we're experiencing technical difficulties that my brother is hoping to resolve in the near future. So it if doesn't pull up, try again later.

Since I started out writing poetry, I thought I would begin by sharing a short one of those. I tend to write all kinds of poetry---differing styles---moods, etc. This one is entitled: The Quandary. As I recall, my inspiration was hitting a cement post at the local bank with a car door, inflicting a bit of damage. Certain my husband would not be amused, I drew up my last will and testament and attached it to the wounded car. It worked---my husband laughed instead of erupting.

The Quandary
The day was long, the hour grim---
Fate had decided to enjoy a whim.
It was my choice how to react---
Throw myself, or remain intact.
Let temper rule, or use control---
What would be my chosen role?
Tears longed to come, and yet it seemed,
A hidden mirth within me beamed.
To laugh or cry, which would it be,
As disaster loomed, surrounding me?
With a defiant twinkle in my eye,
I laughed out loud, then began to cry.
Cheri J. Crane


KaYlOni CrAnE said...

hey cheri... i love that you are doind this website. thats a great idea. you are always so positive i am excited to read some of your poetry! i loved the one for todaY!!! keep up the good worK!!! LOVe ~!KaYloNi~!CrAnW

KaYlOni CrAnE said...

hey cheri i love your idea about this website. you are always so positive i am excited to read some of your writings...the one today was greaT!!! keep up the great work!!! have a nice day!!! loVE !~KaYlOnI~!CrAnE

Cheri said...

Hi 'Loni,

Thanks for the positive feedback. =) I thought this would be fun to try for a while.

And tell your brothers we'll be thinking of them next week. That's way cool.

Kerry Blair said...

How fun! All the works by my favorite author/poet all in the same place -- fantastic! (Move over Edgar Guest.) One question: are we allowed to "steal" them to use in church? (If we give you credit, of course.)

It looks great, too. Love the polka dots. :-)

Derek said...

Silly my mom is more a blog freak than her sons....sigh....

Cheri said...

Kerry, feel free to use anything you find here for whatever you want. =)These will range from silly to silly, so use your better judgement. ;)

Hi Derek Glenn. =) No worries, your silly mommy won't shame the family too much. Maybe just a little. =D

Kerry Blair said...

Oh, Derek, if you only knew! Maybe it's better that you don't. :-)

Cheri J. Crane said...

Je suis sur! =)Kerry, I bite my thumb at you. (This is a big time French insult. I'm not sure what it means, but it can't be too bad--a college professor at Ricks taught me that one years ago.)