Monday, August 20, 2007

Are The Stars Still There?

This past week has been filled with numerous adventures. Several friends and family members are dealing with tremendous challenges. I suspect it's part of the joy of the latter days. With that in mind, the other night, I went outside to see a meteor shower that was taking place. It reminded me of another time when I had slipped outside to watch the stars. Here is a snippet of a journal entry that describes what took place:

. . . I had been feeling quite discouraged. I think we all experience times like that in our lives, moments when we wonder why life has to be so challenging . . . One night when everyone else in my family had gone to bed, I wandered outside. Sometimes listening to the night sounds brings comfort and so I sat on the porch and listened for a bit. I remember silently praying to understand why I was feeling so down.

A thought came to mind: "There is still beauty in the world." I agreed, but wanted to know why things seemed so bleak. I had been having some challenging health problems and there were several trials taking place with some of my extended family members. As I wondered why everything had to be so difficult, I stood and glanced up at the sky. It was one of those star-filled nights—pinpoints of brilliant light dotting the sky. Again the thought came to mind, "There is still beauty in the world."

As I continued to gaze at the stars, I noticed that clouds were moving in. This is something that has probably occurred millions of times, but for once, I was watching as it happened. Within minutes, every star was covered. I was amazed by how quickly the clouds had shrouded the sky. Another thought came to mind, "Are the stars still there?" With that thought came the peace I had been seeking. Other thoughts came, "Does your Heavenly Father love you? Did your Elder Brother lay His life down for you? Are all of these things true despite the discouragement, despite the challenges, the heartaches, the pains of life? Are the stars still there?"

The lesson I was taught that night has been such a comfort. Every time I start feeling a little down, it comes to mind: "Are the stars still there?"

To make a long story short, a friend thought I should write a song based on that theme—so I did. Here are the lyrics:

Are The Stars Still There?

1st: Dark were my thoughts--all around were storms of heartache and strife
All those tests that sometimes just go with life
Mountains that seemed too steep to climb.
I walked outside--to clear my head and ask my Father, "Why?"
My inner peace had dissolved for a time
Where was the faith that was mine?

Staring at the star-filled sky--my heart revealed its inner cry
"Father, if You're listening help me know the reason why."
A thousand tiny twinkling lights were covered, hidden from
my sight
Grey clouds veiling light that once had shone so bright.
Darkness seemed to fill the night as every star was veiled
from sight
Yet peace crept in my heart and comfort eased the black despair
As the question came, "My child, my child--Are the stars still there?"

Now when dark thoughts come and some nights seem too long
I remember the words of this song
When everything seems to go wrong
The answer to my prayer--the night I struggled with despair
The night my Father heard my silent prayer
And reminded me the stars are always there.

Our Father's love is always there--through layers of grief and care
Hope is shining brightly through the clouds of dark despair
A thousand tiny twinkling lights--though covered, hidden from our sight
Grey clouds veiling light that once had shone so bright.
Though darkness seems to fill the night--And every star is veiled from sight
Peace and love seep through to ease the black despair--
Remember the question--"My child, are the stars still

Cheri J. Crane


Stephanie Black said...

Beautiful, Cheri!

Cheri J. Crane said...

Thank you, Stephanie. =)(Now how much did I agree to pay you?)

Seriously, thank you for the compliment. This particular song has been a favorite of mine for quite a while. (It was written in 1996)