Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We've been enduring a series of winter storms here in Bear Lake Valley. The snow banks are growing by leaps and bounds---we're already up to about 3 & 1/2 feet on the level. (That's mountain valley talk for the accumulation of snow in our front yards.) I understand the snow level is pretty impressive up the local canyons. I'll be seeing that for myself later this morning when my husband and I travel to Logan.

In honor of the joys of snowy weather, I figured I would post a poem I wrote a few years ago---after surviving a rather nasty fall. Enjoy and happy winter everyone. ;)

Ode to Ice

Oh, miracle of winter, twinkling as gems,
Glowing crystal wonderment from which much beauty stems.
The crowning glory of frigid moments, diamonds seem to glitter,
Lurking ‘neath the gentle snow, your frostiness is bitter.

You demand respect, though none is given, until most unaware,
Someone dares to mar your presence and slips upon the stair.
Oh, agony and painful times as feet fly through the air,
Vocabulary in your honor, uttered on the stair.

Oh, thing of beauty, I have sinned, upon you I did tread,
Excuse my trespass I implore, your ecstacy went to my head.
And to my back, and to my leg, and to my derriere and arm.
Oh, grievous penalties inflicted for causing you such harm.

Now bandaged, casted, scared for life, I confess it was my fault,
Let me show my penitence with this offering of salt!
Oh, miracle of winter, as you quietly slip away,
Know you have my eternal respect, and get thee hence I pray.

Cheri J. Crane
P.S. In case anyone is wondering, the picture I posted with this morning's blog is one I snapped about a month ago up one of our local canyons. In the summer months, this tiny waterfall can be seen up Montpelier Canyon. In the winter, it becomes an icy cascade, a beautiful tribute to winter.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Time for something on the lighter side. The picture above is a little diabetic humor. Sometimes we diabetics (I'm a Type 1) have to laugh at scary things like life. It boosts our morale. And in keeping with that train of thought, here is a brand new poem, hot off the presses. (I hope it makes sense.)


It’s January season
I survived the holidays
But now I have a reason
To feel some strong dismays.

It’s time for resolutions
I can’t even remember last year’s vows
I’m pondering solutions
That won’t lift local brows.

"It’s tradition!" is the war-cry
"Get yourself in gear!"
I feel like I’m on stand-by
About to get booted in the rear.

"I resolve to never worry!"
Oops, I already blew that goal
Making resolutions in a hurry
Took care of that loophole.

"I promise to lose weight!"
"To only eat healthy food.
"I won’t tempt an ugly fate
"I’ll strive to be so good!"

Does it count if I ate naughty treats
To celebrate New Year’s Day?
Or late-night snacks or sugary cheats
I met along the way?

What if I promise to never swear
Even if I’m in great pain—
Oh, yeah, I already kicked a chair,
It caused me to profane.

There’s always good old exercise
Working out to tone some flab,
Or getting enough rest to make me wise
And perhaps not such a crab.

Both of those take effort
Both take strength of will
Maybe I’m not such a sport
I think you know the drill.

Inspiration arrives at last
I resolve to dutifully prepare
Next year’s goal forecast
When I’m sure I just might care.

Cheri J. Crane
January 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Light on the Hill

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted for a while---the holidays were crazy. I'm sure you can relate. Among other fun things, most of our family was privileged to attend the Rexburg Temple open house. (Son # 3 is currently in Canada serving a mission) I thought I would share a couple of the pictures that were taken that night. The first one is a picture of our family standing near this beautiful building. The second is a picture I took a few minutes later when we drove around to the front of the temple. Below is a poem I wrote commemorating the occasion.

The Light on the Hill

A beacon of peace
In a troubled day
A light in the darkness
Revealing a way
To survive the turmoil
The strife of life’s fray
Offering hope
With its calming array.

This lighthouse is calling
Sounding alarm
Pointing the way
To steer clear of harm
Providing shelter
Safe and warm
Eternity beckons
When ships disarm.

Calming love
Abounds inside
Only felt
When stripped of pride
Soft answers serve
To inspire, guide
This light on the hill
Can turn life’s tide.

Cheri J. Crane
January 7, 2007