Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seasonal Flurry

The poem below is self-explanatory. I think we've all run into this problem. I came across it last winter when I was trying to find fleece-lined thermals for my soon-to-be missionary son. He was heading for a Canadian mission and needed warm winter gear. Try finding that around February. Good times. ;)

Enjoy this lighter look at a challenge I think we all endure.

Seasonal Flurry

The other day a friend complained,
She was angry at the store
She had gone to make a purchase
And could not find what she’d come for.

It’s winter time in Bear Lake
The snow this year is deep
And children like to frolic
Into the white stuff they must leap.

So my friend, a watchful mother
Wanted to purchase outer wear
Winter gear like boots and such
But these items were not there.

Instead she found a plethora
Of gardening supplies
Spring-wear, and yes bikinis
Danced before her eyes.

She asked about the winter gear
Persevering as mothers do
When she learned it wasn’t available
Into a rage she flew.

"Ma’am, winter gear is featured
"‘Round about July."
A sullen clerk revealed
Before she punched him in the eye.

I, myself, have noticed
This annoying trend
Christmas decor is in every store
After back-to-school sales end.

Easter steals Valentine’s glory
The Fourth of July is featured now in May
It’s all terribly confusing
How the stores carry on this way.

I have but one suggestion
It’s simple, yes I know,
Why don’t we celebrate holidays as they come
Instead of allowing the next one to steal the show?

This world is in a hurry,
Much too fast I say
Let’s enjoy life as it arrives
And savor each holiday

Cheri J. Crane
February 27, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

February Blues

This winter will definitely be one for the history books. We've experienced record cold spells, countless blizzards, and snow measured in feet, not inches. In honor of the memory, here is my tribute to Winter 2008:

February Blues

This year the groundhog let me down
He saw his shadow on the ground
I was hoping spring would finally come
But Old Man Winter stuck out his tongue.

True, we had suffered a major drought
Before this lovely winter bout
The moisture is very much needed
I understand the clouds were seeded.

We have been grateful for the snow,
We just wish that it would go
Melt quickly and dissolve
And the problem would resolve.

We’ve endured repeated storms
Blizzards created artistic forms
Varied drifts in my front yard
Could be a spectacular Hallmark card.

The snow is higher than my head
Leaving the driveway is my dread
Streets are covered with ice and snow
Getting stuck makes it hard to go.

One thing that I know
About all of this lovely snow
I won’t be too sad to see it go
When winter decides to end the show.

Some things have to go,
I vote that it’s the snow
I’ve got the February blahs
They’ll leave when it finally thaws.

Until then I’ll pretend
That spring is around the bend
I am certain I'll be there, too
It’s the least that I can do.

Cheri J. Crane
February 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hommage de le Prophete

Some of you may have noticed that I went an entire week without posting a new blog\poem. There were two reasons for this:

Reason # 1: I suffered a bout with carbon monoxide poisoning last week and was a little bit sick for a few days. (Note to self: Never allow one's husband to bring gas-fueled power tools into my house ever again, especially during the winter months)

Reason # 2: On the days when I wasn't feeling like the last chapter, I was at a loss for words. I couldn't think of anything appropriate that would pay tribute to such a beloved prophet of God.

Then during sacrament meeting this past week, as I sat, drawing strength from those who shared valiant testimonies, a poem descended. Quickly I pulled out a piece of scratch paper from my purse and it was as if I couldn't write fast enough. Here it is, nothing perfect, mind you, but my way of paying tribute to a man whose Christ-like example touched the world.

Hommage de le Prophete

Do a little better
Reach a little more
Stand a little taller
Prepare for what's in store.

Be a little kinder
Let patience pave life's path
Serve with loving thoughts
Let the scriptures be your staff.

Become a great example
Stand for what is right
Smile a little more
Grasp for Heaven's Light.

Endure when trials descend
Push forward with faith anew
Live without regrets
Seek for what is true.

Enjoy the journey daily
Do all you can while on this earth
And when the moment comes at last
You'll be ready for eternal birth.

Cheri J. Crane

February 3, 2008