Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I flipped through a collection of my poetry this morning, seeking something to post, and came across a poem I wrote in 1994. It touched a chord within and I decided to share.

This time of year as we hurriedly rush about preparing for the holidays, it is my hope that we'll reflect on what really matters. It isn't the gifts we buy or make for loved ones---though I'm sure these items are appreciated. In my opinion, it's the time we can spend with those we love, and the way we treat each other that means the most.

I propose that this year as we stand in line after line, as we drive through crowded roadways, and as we decorate, bake, and prepare for the holiday days ahead---we strive to be more patient with those around us, and watch for opportunities to serve. Sometimes a simple smile can go a long way toward easing someone's day. A pat on the back boosts declining morale, a random act of kindness can make a huge difference to a person who may be silently aching.

I know this has been said and shared countless times, but my challenge to everyone, myself included, is to remember the reason for the season. The best gift we can give to our Savior during this time of year is a change of heart. As we emulate His example, we can truly make this a Christmas to remember.


Magic Eye pictures are 3-D, or so they say
If you look at one long enough, an image will give way.
Filled with excited anticipation, I too, began to stare
All around me were delighted, but I saw nothing there.

"Oh, look at it from over here," someone politely said
Obediently I followed to where this person led.
"Now squint and focus, concentrate, an image will appear,"
I gave myself a headache, then said, "There's nothing here!"

Disgruntled and disgusted, the crowd moved away from me
Convinced that I was hopeless because I could not see.
What they didn't know, and what I didn't say
Was a desire had been born to try to see things their way.

I longed to see that image, I wanted to understand
If someone would show and not explain, but simply take my hand.
One day my wish was granted, a friend sensed my strong desire
And vowed to help me find the image that would inspire.

She sat beside me, took my hand, guiding in a manner kind
Until the image was revealed at last---I was no longer blind!
Delighted, I embraced my friend, pondering a poem I'd heard one day
It mentioned we should walk beside, not merely show the way.

That wisdom is oft forgotten in a hurried world of stress,
Example can speak volumes; words alone digress.

Cheri J. Crane


Friday, November 16, 2007


As the famed turkey-day approaches, I thought it only fair to honor these fine specimens from the poultry realm. A rather large wild flock\herd of them lives over the hill from Bear Lake Valley in an area known as Mink Creek, just north of Preston, Idaho. They are fun to watch, and on occasion, dodge as they parade across the road.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, remembering to ponder the many blessings we enjoy.

Turkeys on Parade

Turkeys on the run
Think they're having fun
Dodging pilgrim wannabes
They hide behind the trees.

Turkeys on parade
Are convinced they have it made
When hunting season ends
They try to be your friends.

Turkeys with attitude
Border on being rude
They strut across the road
Rebellion is their code.

Turkeys in the rain
Serve to entertain
When droplets hit their head
They look up---drown---fall dead.

Turkeys on a plate
Face their final fate
With tasteful grace, finesse
They're awfully fun to dress.

Turkeys aren't too smart
But they do their part
Making Thanksgiving Day complete
Their revenge: we overeat.

Cheri J. Crane
November 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Finding serenity

I've noticed lately that finding peace in today's noisy, crazy world is a challenge. Countless sources of stress take their toll as we each strive to hurry forward to accomplish our daily list of things to do. Trials surface without warning, shattering any semblance of tranquility we may have attained. When tribulation tests our soul, the question, "WHY?" clamors for attention.

The answers we sometimes seek don't always come as we would wish. They slip inside our hearts and minds when we least expect a reply. They quietly present themselves in silent moments, and often when we take the time to meditate upon the beauty of this world.

The poem I've selected to share today was written during a challenging time in my life. I was constantly asking "WHY?" and the answer didn't present itself for quite a while. It came after tremendous soul-searching, after taking the time to reflect on the numerous blessings that were still part of my life, despite the heart-rending trial of losing a loved one. I found comfort in places of beauty, tranquility in silent pondering, peace in knowing that despite everything, I was still a beloved daughter of God.

May this poem reflect that journey and offer hope to those who travel a similar path.


The answer was elusive,
Shrouded in dark despair---
Blinded from discovery,
I doubted it was there.

Gradually the quest to know,
Faded into pained desire---
Glowing embers of dying hope,
Gave life to the waning fire.

On occasion it would surface,
The question burning through my soul---
Echoing in muted prayer,
The silence taking its cruel toll.

Faith became a lifeline,
Though bitterness beckoned and sometimes won---
But the battle, far from finished,
Taught me to reach toward the Sun.

And when the shadows at last were vanquished,
An inner peace forcing them to depart---
The answer I'd been seeking,
Came and nestled in my heart.

Cheri J. Crane