Monday, October 5, 2009

Mawage is wot bwings us togeder . . .

Okay, I'm through stealing lines from "Princess Bride." For now. ;) I thought for today's blog post, I would share some pictures of a recent wedding in our family, something that took place on Saturday, October 3rd.

Here the groom (Jordan) is waiting anxiously for his bride.

Here we are, waiting for the festivities to take place: Kris, Devin, Derek, Kristen, Moi holding Aari, & Kennon. We were all very grateful that the weather cooperated that day.

Finally the wedding procession marched in. Here's the mother of the bride, Jackie, escorted by Cori's boyfriend, Abby, who accidentally got cut from the picture. (I do apologize about that.)

And here are Jordan's parents.

Cori was actually escorted in by someone else, but I owed Abby one for the earlier photo error. Aren't they a cute couple? ;)

Jonathan & Erica also made a cute couple. (Note how their outfits blend. It was a remarkable coincidence. =D)

And here the father of the bride, Curt, is escorting the beautiful bride, Cassi. Holding her train are the cute sons of Kalli & John.

Last but not least were the reluctant tikes who filled the roles of ring-bearer & flower girl. Janet the wedding planner did a great job of keeping everyone on track.

Grandparents, Bob & Verdene, looked spiff for the occasion.

Numerous relatives came for this event. Pictured here is Kenney, Trista, & Sheldon.

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. VanOrden.

Shortly after the wedding, we met up at the local church for the traditional wedding dinner.

The dinner was delicious and the company was fantastic. A good time was had by all. I understand Aunt Scoob was impressed with the silverware. ;) {Private joke}

Even the youngest member of the clan enjoyed himself. Li'l "Tater" loved being spoiled by his grandma Arvilla.

Before long it was time for pictures and a plethora of cameras made an appearance. Here Cassi is posing with her bridesmaids.

The entire Stucki Clan posed graciously for several different shots.

The reception was a great success and the line was steady throughout the evening. Then it was time to cut the wedding cake.

The traditional tossing of the bridal bouquet was next. It was so amazing that Cori was the one to catch it. ;)

It was day filled with romance, which may have inspired good brother Jeffy to whisper sweet nothings into his wife's ear. Dannyel was a good sport about that. ;)

To close, I'll end with another favorite quote from the movie, "Princess Bride":

"And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva . . ."

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