Monday, December 29, 2008

Resolve to be Resolute =)

This time of year we tend to take a hard look at ourselves. A new year is on the horizon---what can we do to make it a better year than the one we just survived? ;) We look for ways to improve, perfect, and polish. That said, here's my take on things.

I suspect that we're a bit too hard on ourselves at the beginning of each new year. We ponder what we can to do be better people, not realizing how wonderful we already are. True, there's always room for improvement, but I think it's more important to compose an inventory of positive aspects, rather than a daunting list of items we can do to make ourselves the new, improved version. That way when we're having a bad day, or a series of bumps in the road during the new year, we can pull out our composition of "things I have accomplished" and bask in the wonderment of proficiency, instead of suffering pangs of discouragement for not meeting our goals for the new year.

If I were to create such a list it would include the following:

This past year I:

Survived the heartbreaking loss of a loved one.
Explored Zion's National Park for the first time ever.
Survived girls' camp despite a slight head injury. (Don't make fun---it could happen to anyone. Tents fall on people. Even tents with heavy metal poles, but I digress.)

Enjoyed several fun family reunions, including two that took place in Lava Hot Springs. Way cool!
Picked lots of huckleberries. (My family rejoiced over this item---this means awesome desserts for special occasions.)

Out-fished my husband. (I caught my limit and part of his. This is a secret.)
Camped . . . a lot.
Became a professional blogger. =) {again, don't make fun}
Grew one of the best gardens ever with my limited green thumb capabilities and our area's climate handicaps.

BECAME A NEW GRANDMOTHER!!!! Truly the highlight of my life thus far. And I'm sure my little granddaughter is the cutest baby ever. =D
Encouraged my missionary son to take better care of himself after a brief episode of dehydration. Silly him.
Talked to this same beloved missionary son three times this past year. Most excellent. I can't wait to see him this coming May.

Spent precious time with the rest of my kids. They are amazing people and I love hanging out with them.

Improved my average blood sugar level. (Quite the balancing act for a Type 1 diabetic with a crazy life.)

Exercised when life permitted.
Read the entire Book of Mormon, again. It was a challenge we gave the youth in our ward, so I figured I'd best be willing to tackle what we had asked of them.

Spent quality time with the young women that I serve. (I'm currently their fearless leader)
Made Christmas gifts for each member of our family this year. (Yep, I was crazy, but in a good way.)
Enjoyed this holiday season with our clan.

Wow! Now in my opinion, that's an awesome list of things accomplished. So during this next year, when life periodically takes a dive, I can reflect on what has transpired and know that come what may, I may actually love it. (Borrowing from Elder Wirthlin's last conference talk.)

So, as this new year sallies forth, don't come up with a list of resolutions that will cause discouragement. Pick one thing (if you want) that you would like to improve upon. Don't expect perfection. Do the best that you can and enjoy this new year. =)

Here's a poem I wrote last January that I think sums things up nicely:


It’s January season

I survived the holidays
But now I have a reason

To feel some strong dismays.

It’s time for resolutions

I can’t even remember last year’s vows
I’m pondering solutions

That won’t lift local brows.

“It’s tradition!” is the war-cry

“Get yourself in gear!”

I feel like I’m on stand-by
About to get booted in the rear.

“I resolve to never worry!”

Oops, I already blew that goal
Making resolutions in a hurry
Took care of that loophole.

I promise to lose weight!

To only eat healthy food.

I won’t tempt an ugly fate

I’ll strive to be so good!

Does it count if I ate naughty treats

To celebrate New Year’s Day?

Or late-night snacks or sugary cheats

I met along the way?

What if I promise to never swear
Even if I’m in great pain—
Oh, yeah, I already kicked a chair,
It caused me to profane.

There’s always good old exercise

Working out to tone some flab,
Or getting enough rest to make me wise
And perhaps not such a crab.

Both of those take effort
Both take strength of will
Maybe I’m not such a sport
I think you know the drill.

Inspiration arrives at last
I resolve to dutifully prepare
Next year’s goal forecast

When I’m sure I just might care.

Cheri J. Crane
January 2008


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Cindy Beck said...

I like your suggestion of coming up with a list of accomplishments. It's so much more fun than starting out the year with a list that says, "I will lose 10 pounds, and exercise 5 times a week."


And congrats on your list of last year's accomplishments!

Cheri J. Crane said...

Hi Cindy. I'm glad you like this suggestion. Perhaps we can start a new trend. ;)

Thanks for stopping by.