Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zion National Park

Hi all,

I'm typing this almost live from St. George, Utah. ;) We spent most of the day hiking around Zion National Park so tonight I'm a little bit tired. But it was very much worth it. On our way down to St. George yesterday, we swung by the north end of the park to a place called Kolob Canyons.

Here's a great tip for anyone pondering a trip through Zion Canyon. There are about 3 different ways to enter this national park. You pay $25.00 at any of the entrances and you can re-enter the park as many times as you want, at any of the other entrances for up to a week with this same receipt. (So don't lose it. This is important. And don't tuck it inside your camera case folded upbecause it might tear, I'm just sayin' . . . okay, it happened to me today. Sigh . . . in way of good news, they still accepted it.) ;)

We started by watching a breath-taking movie at the special IMAX Theater entitled:
"Zion Canyon, Treasure of the Gods," a film by Kieth Merrill. Aside from closing my eyes a time or two since I'm a little sensitive to heights (and no, I didn't hide under my seat contrary to what my husband may tell people) this movie totally rocks. It shares the history of the region as well as beautiful scenery from the viewpoint of a falcon, a hanglider, and the astronauts. Well, maybe not the astronauts, but it was filmed from way up high, dropping you over cliffs that catch your breath, especially if heights are not your friend. This particular theater is boasts a screen that is the equivalent of 6 stories high. WOW!!! And they show other movies here too, like "Ironman." That would be something to see on the very big screen.

This was our first time seeing Zion Canyon and it was gorgeous. The colors, the views, the plethora of languages (this is a world-wide attraction). You would all be proud, I even hiked up a steep incline this afternoon.

True, I bailed half-way up, but that was self-defense. We took the wrong path (we meant to take the one that the senior citizens were using) and we felt a certain kinship to the mountain goats before we were through. When I finally noted that others who were further along the trail looked to be scaling vertical walls, I bowed out. I was only too happy to take a meandering trail with a slight incline to see the pretty waterfall near the Lower Emerald Pool.

We rode the free shuttle bus all the way up to Temple Sinawava, exiting the bus at most of the stops along the way for a look around. Incidentally, these buses are fueled with propane which is more environmentally friendly than say, gasoline, a lovely substance that is costing everyone an arm and a leg these days, but I digress. :)

A cool highlight: watching a gentleman from Japan paint a watercolor of the brilliant red cliffs that tower above the Virgin River near the Temple of SinaWava area. Another highlight: wading in the Virgin River with my husband. I had happy feet after that adventure. ;)

Is this an area I would encourage people to see, you bet. Just don't forget the suntan lotion. Yep, I'll pay big time for that neglected item for a few days. ;) Story of my life. Until next time, au revoir, or as we say out west, Happy Trails.

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