Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've Been Tagged =)

Good heavens, stay out of cyberspace for a few days and see what happens. It would appear that I've been tagged by Candace Salima (See: scroll down to the blog that appeared on December 25, 2007)

Here are the rules as I understand them:

Rules of the Tagging Thingy:

1) Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

2) Share 7 facts about yourself.

3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Alrighty then---I think I've adequately tackled rule number 1.

Here's rule number 2---Seven facts about Moi:

1. I am the oldest of four children. (This fact is helpfully pointed out at numerous family gatherings by my beloved siblings. See picture above for a look at the four of us during one of our "gigs.")

2. I once milked a herd of dairy goats. =) No, really. The greatest squirt fights of my life took place in a small barn where my brother and I made the milking chore fun by squirting each other repeatedly. (As I recall, my aim was deadly, much to my brother's dismay) My father---a pharmacist---had picked up on the fact that there was a tremendous need for goat's milk for babies who were allergic to formula. And since we lived on an acreage in the country at the time, and both of my parents thought it would be a way to keep my siblings and I occupied---we bought 6 dairy goats and began quite the adventure.

3. I caught a baseball during an all important 4th of July baseball game, effectively snagging the championship win for my team. I also broke the smallest finger of that hand since I happened to use the wrong hand to catch the ball (I caught it with my right hand instead of with the gloved left hand . . . story of my life but I digress) but I was so elated over actually catching that pop fly, I didn't notice I was wounded until after the cheering died down.

4. I play the guitar and piano by ear. At times this proves difficult since I'm only 5' 2". (A little musician humor) But seriously, I did indeed teach myself to play the guitar at the tender age of 12. I endured several years of piano lessons, but it took everyone a while to catch on that I would imitate the songs my teacher(s) played instead of playing the notes on the pretty paper. My piano teachers all threw their hands in the air, not realizing I was gifted, not mentally challenged. Again, story of my life. =) [See picture above to see my beloved guitar. I might mention that this was our first official paid gig. We had been asked to entertain at a Veteran's banquet. It was unfortunate that one of our numbers happened to be "Blowin' in the Wind." I had no idea it was an anti-war song until my father pointed it out to me later. Sigh . . .)

5. I graduated from BYU-Idaho back when it was known as Ricks College. I was an English major intent on becoming a high school teacher. My original goals were to teach English, French, and drama. Then I tried out for a silly musical entitled, "L'il Abner," and all plans changed. (See the blog written on by moi December 14th)

6. I am the proud mother of 3 sons, and one fantastic daughter-in-law. (Yes, Derek, you're back in good standing. ;) Just don't tell your father he isn't gorgeous.) [For that last statement to make sense, you'll have to click on the link to the best husband in the world competition available in the blog that appeared here on December 14th)

7. I am currently serving as the YW president of our ward. This keeps me humble, busy, worried, grey, did I mention worried?

Okay, there are 7 facts about myself. Now to tag seven random people. I think I'll start with my son Derek:; my cousin, RaNae: ; Shellie of (See, I reward people greatly for posting on my blog. ;) Actually, I'm desperate for seven blogsites to add here and one must admit, this was a random choice. Sorry Shellie. But in way of good news, I love your blogsite. Way cool. Be sure to check it out everyone. Let's see . . . only four to go . . . hmmm . . . Anne of (Sorry Anne . . . again, I'm desperate here.) Stephanie of fame who is a really nice person and also a YW president, and Kerry, also of who will probably never speak to me again for picking her . . . sigh . . . one more . . . Betsy of Alabama featured at this link: I know, this isn't a blogsite, but Betsy is a cool person and I tagged her randomly, so I think it should still count. =)

Bye for now,



Shellie said...

I enjoy your site, I 'm working on my tag, it will be sometime this week.

Cheri J. Crane said...

Hi Shellie,

I'll be watching for your tag thing. Now that the holidays are over, maybe I can catch up on a few things myself. ;)