Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Best Husband in the World Competition

So, it turns out that an essay I sent in not too long ago, placed in the finalist category for "Best Husband in the World," a competition sponsored by the talented Candace Salima. You can access this competition by clicking on this link:

Scroll down to the husband essays that were posted a couple of days ago, and if you'd like, you can vote for the top 3. You'll find this option on the side bar on the righthand side of the blog. Feel free to vote for my husband, Kennon. =) [This is a hint] My son, Derek, informed me (you can read his comments on the link posted immediately after the essay) that I should have used the word, "handsome" to describe Kennon instead of gorgeous. My bad. =D Other than that, it pretty well states things as they are.

Happy voting.

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