Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Capers

The picture posted with this particular poem has a story behind it. Recently I was asked to write and share a humorous poem for a local Halloween fundraiser. I decided to have some fun with this and found some wonderful items for a silly costume at a thrift store. The orange wig complete with a black bow was hilarious, as was the bright pink visor with a built-in fan. I loved the checkerboard purse, and it wasn't too hard to round up clothing that clashed horribly.

The fake nose and glasses I've had for quite a while---treasures kept in an airtight container with similar costume assessories.

I've always enjoyed Halloween. As a child, I loved going trick-or-treating. As a teenager, I savored costume parties, and taking my younger siblings trick-or-treating. As a mom, I've had a lot of fun helping my sons with costumes, decorating the house, and handing out the treats.

Holidays, as with anything in life, are what we make them. I'll be forever grateful for a mother who exemplifies the importance of seizing the moment---and finding joy in simple things.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN out there!!!

Halloween Capers

Is a crazy scene
Goblins runnin’ willy nilly
Costumes vary
From weird to scary
They all look kind of silly.

Kids go ‘round
All over town
Beggin’ for sweetly treats
I fill my bowl
3 times it’s full
Emptied by ghouls dressed up in sheets.

I don’t mind sharin’candy
The concept is quite dandy
Treats instead of tricks is the rule
It is considered rude
And no, I’m not a prude
But takin’ treats, then trickin’ isn’t cool.

Toilet paper serves a need
Not to be wrapped at warp speed
Around an unsuspecting house along the way
Eggs are food not missiles
Don’t make me write epistles
To the newspaper editor the very next day.

I don’t mean to complain
But this holiday leaves a stain
Upon my porch each year without fail
Fiery paper covers doggy-do
I try to stamp out with my shoe
Inspiring bad words when I share my tale.

So this year I’m a leavin’
I’ve had my fill of grievin’
Over the unfairness of it all
I’ll not hand out sweets no more
From my own front room door
This holiday’s in need of overhaul.

I might find a tree and hide
With a slingshot aimed at your backside
This is fair warnin’ for all you silly ghouls
I ain’t takin’ it no more
No more candy from the store
My mama didn’t raise up any fools.

Cheri J. Crane

October 2007


Stephanie Black said...

Great costume! And fun poem!

I love Halloween too. Happy haunting!

Cheri J. Crane said...

Thanks, Stephanie, and here's wishing you a fantabulous Halloween, too. =)

Tristi Pinkston said...

That's great, Cheri -- and you look adorable!

iZING said...

terrific costume! fun poem!

Cheri J. Crane said...

Aw, shucks, Tristi, t'warn't nothin'. =)Thanks for the compliments, though. Always a boost.

Cheri J. Crane said...

Thanks, Izing. I had fun putting both together.