Thursday, October 18, 2007

Early Snow

Yesterday we experienced a little snowstorm in our mountain valley. The temperature plummeted as a cutting breeze pushed storm clouds into our midst. We received nearly an inch of snow, enough to cause entertaining moments. Roads were slick, sidewalks became slippery, and a tree went down in a blaze of glory, taking a powerline with it, effectively cutting the power to buildings like the local high school.

To commemorate this grand occasion, I decided to share a poem from the archives. This one was written in 1993. Enjoy.

Ode to Winter '93

We were told to pray for snow, our resources were depleted,
We had to have the white fluffy stuff before winter was completed.
And so we prayed with fervor---some went the extra mile,
Fasting with reverent gusto to make the farmer smile.

Oh, how we rejoiced when the first storm came, "It's snowing!" was the cry,
Celebrations occurred across the land when it was two feet high.
"It's a miracle!" was echoed throughout our noble state,
Little did we realize what was to be our fate.

With previous mild winters, we'd forgotten how to drive
On snow-covered roads with the famed black ice; the challenge: to stay alive.
County snowplows worked overtime, trying to stay ahead of the snow,
These brave plow people used stunning words when it began to blow.

Oh, rapture in our bossoms---we've had a great success,
Everywhere we look, we've achieved a wintry mess!
There will be beaucoup water---in the mountains it is deep,
And into our basements and from our roofs, it has started now to seep!

It's not that we're ungrateful, school children express a thankful sigh,
When the sentence is uttered: "There is no school," from the local KVSI.
Snowmen have abounded, snow machines have buzzed their bliss,
Snow sculptures and skiing are now possible, these things we can't dismiss.

And we will enjoy the water, of this there is no doubt,
But lately from the local ranks, there has come a different shout.
"We've got the winter blues, please send spring upon its way,
"And tell those infernal Mormons they can stop praying any day!"

Cheri J. Crane


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