Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Reviews: "We Are Strong" & "I Am Strong! I Am Smart!"

Lately it seems like we are inundated with numerous negative messages. They are featured on the news, in various social media outlets, and hidden in lyrics, movies, and books. Sadly, those hurtful phrases often come from the people around us. It is rare to find items that boost self-esteem--inspiring words that remind us who we really are and why we're here in mortal mode. That is why I'm excited to share the following information.

I was recently asked to review two books written by one talented woman: Fay A. Klinger. Both books contain significant, upbeat messages that can touch hearts in a good and positive way. The first book, "We Are Strong," is written specifically for women and their daughters, and granddaughters, and it would be a useful tool for young women and their leaders.

In this book, Fay skillfully weaves the Young Women values with stories and experiences that help the reader understand the importance of believing in our divine nature. Current challenges such as bullying and recovery from abusive situations are highlighted in a sensitive manner. Helpful suggestions are offered that will aid in healing from these all-too-common threats to our society. In my opinion, this is an important book that mothers and daughters should read together.

Here is a sample paragraph:

"No matter how routine or mundane our tasks may be as mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, Relief Society leaders, and Young Women leaders, we must never forget to see each other, our daughters, and the young women of the Church from an eternal perspective. Our primary role is to nurture and teach. We cannot be neutral in that role. We must be actively engaged. As we are more inclined to magnify the positive rather than point out the negative, our influence will ease the trials these women and girls endure--rejection, loneliness, self-doubt, exhaustion, temptation--and give them the confidence to be the daughters God intends them to be."

This is a book that can change lives and promote self-esteem in a time when our spiritual armor is being dented from all sides. It is an inspiring work that every woman and girl can benefit from--I cannot stress this enough. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I'm giving it a 5 star rating because I believe in its timely and important message of hope and healing.

The second book contains a similar theme, but the target audience is younger readers, although I believe people of all ages will enjoy the content. Beautifully illustrated, "I Am Strong! I Am Smart!" also stresses the importance of believing in ourselves. Sharing the story of a young girl and the influence of her loving grandmother during a difficult time, this book makes it clear that we need to ignore negative insults and develop a strong sense of self-worth. After the grandmother teaches this crucial concept, she suffers a slight stroke, and it is the granddaughter's turn to remind the older woman of her own importance in this challenging world.

These two books would be a welcome addition to any home library. Here are links to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing either book:

And here is a link to a short video clip about "I Am Strong! I Am Smart!"

And here is the link to Fay's website:

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