Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Book Review: "Bitter Blessings"

The clock in the kitchen pounded out the seconds, and the neighbor's wind chimes clanged their chaotic melody until I thought my brain would explode, and then, finally, Gram said, "There was an accident on the highway this afternoon. Your mother was in it." And the world collapsed around me
. . . again.

This except from the new book, Bitter Blessings, caught my attention immediately. Found on the back cover, it left me feeling intrigued and despite my busy schedule the day this book arrived, I found time to read the first couple of chapters. Then the storyline managed to nag at me continuously until I finished the rest of the book.

Filled with twists and turns, this first time novel by Christine Mehring, provokes empathy and deep-seated emotions. Your heart will go out to the main characters who appear very real. I suspect we all know people who resemble the grandmother, and the three sisters. Their neighbor and friend, Adam, is the sort of kid we all long to meet: down-to-earth and helpful without being pushy.

This book appealed to me on many levels: as a young adult, my entire world was turned upside down by the actions of a family member. (My father died in a tragic manner when I was 22.) I related so much to what these three siblings were enduring with the loss of another parent. I understood how difficult it is to sort through the emotions that at times, tear you apart. Each sister grieved in a different way as they tried to make sense of a trial that made no sense at all. And on top of everything else, a mystery regarding their father, someone they thought was deceased, is thrown into the mix.

If you are looking for a good read, a novel that will keep you turning pages, then this is a book you will want to snatch up and savor. It's one I plan to reread in the near future--and that should tell you something. (I don't often read the same book twice unless it really impresses me.) 

Bitter Blessings will appeal to all ages, with an emphasis toward the youth. I think it's good for young people to read books that focus on the challenges that sometimes go with life. Not only will this novel inspire gratitude for their own home situations, but for those who are enduring similar trials, it can touch tender hearts in a good and positive way with messages like the importance of forgiveness when bad choices are made, and perseverance when heartache descends.

You can purchase Bitter Blessings by clicking on this link: CLICK ON ME

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