Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer is Simmering

Like many who dwell in our neck of the woods, we've been hopefully awaiting summer's arrival. It has been a looooong (emphasis on looooong) winter and we are craving sunshine, warm days, and all of the fun things that go with this time of year like camping, boating, fishing, reunions (did I really mention that last item?), etc.

Summer is on its way. This past weekend, we saw glimpses of the sun and it was lovely. My husband made good use of the brief nice weather and helped me plant our garden, and all three flower beds. Then it turned off cold and nasty again and froze 3 nights in a row. Sigh . . .

All is not lost, I'm keeping the tomatoes and pepper plants covered. I only planted hardy flowers that could survive at the North Pole, and our garden isn't up yet. When it does surface, it will mostly consist of root crops that don't freeze, like carrots, beets, onions,  and so forth.

I snapped several photos (I know . . . gasp! . . . .) over the weekend and decided to share a few of them in this post. It is proof that summer is on its way and one of these days, the sun will shine and stay that way . . . at least for a little while.

This is a photo that was actually snapped on May 22, the day my new grandson was born. Yep, that's me holding the cute little tyke.

See, the four foot drift over our front yard has finally melted. This is a quick shot I took the other day of our dog, Brandy, and our cat, Cleo, who were both enjoying a warm nap in the sun.

Here's a shot I took over the weekend at Mud Lake, also known as Dingle Marsh, north of the famed Bear Lake. As you can see, it's full of water due to this year's impressive run-off.

Here is a shot I took that same night near Bear Lake. The past few years, we've been able to drive down that boat ramp you can see to cross the beach to play in the water. That won't be happening this year because of the water depth. We may be lucky to have any beach left when the snow all melts. ;)

This is another shot of Mud Lake, the south end, across the road from Bear Lake.

As you can see, we smacked into a plethora of bugs on our trip around the lake that night. (Yep, our windshield looked the same.) This doesn't bode well for future camping trips. I suspect we'll endure numerous mosquitoes this year.

Numerous homes that line the east side of Bear Lake are enjoying true lake front property this year. =D

The pelicans were enjoying the high tide as well.

This is a shot of the sun dipping low over the lake.

Sunsets are beautiful over Bear Lake. This is a photo I shot near the south end of the lake.

Time to call it a day.


Jayson & Carrie said...

Hey! This comment is about the "To Have & To Hold" post. I read it on google reader but when I went to comment on it on your blog it wasn't there. Sorry! anyways.... haha
I feel the same way!! My dream is to have a HUGE library in my home. I think I have a pretty good start. haha Jayson is always asking me, "MORE books??" Yes, sir. ;) He likes to read but he sticks to church literature, Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings. Me, I like everything. haha And our kids' books are lovingly taking up a whole wall right now. I feel justified only because my kids have read them all. haha
Jayson asked me the same thing, whether I would like a kindle or not. And maybe I would if traveled alot or was gone from home much. But NOTHING will replace a book. The smell, the bent corners, the worn pages from reading it over and over, the fact that I can mark my favorite passages because it's MY book.
Yes, I'm with you on this subject!! And I don't know which book store you were talking about but when Border's closed in Logan I about died! haha I always told Jayson that for Mother's Day don't send me flower's or chocolates, just send me to Border's. :)

So...long post over. :) Sorry I wrote it on another blog post.

Cheri J. Crane said...

Hi Carrie,

Hey, no worries. Blogger was having issues about the time that blog post was written. None of us could access anything for about two days.

I appreciate your perseverance. ;) And your opinion. We may be die-hards, but I think there are numerous book-worms out there who feel like we do. LOVE BOOKS!!! Always have, always will.

Thanks for stopping by! =)

Gussie said...

Your pictures of the Bear Lake sunsets are wonderful! Thanks so much for posting them. We're blessed to live in this beautiful mountain valley even though the winters can be cold and long.

Cheri J. Crane said...

Thanks, Gussie. I totally agree. =)