Friday, May 29, 2009

The Week in Pictures

Since this past week has been a blur of activities, I decided to share a few pictures in today's blog. Maybe this will make up for my absence on Monday. Long story short, after a week of whirlwind activities, I returned home with some sort of stomach bug\food poisoning and on Monday I was still deciding if I was going to live. =D Kidding . . . sort of. ;) Without further ado, here is a series of pictures and brief explanations. Enjoy!!!
First there was a camping adventure. Devin has been itching to do some camping and fishing since his return home, so he and Kennon camped up a local canyon for a couple of days last week. Kris and I joined them on Thursday. And yes, Devin out-fished his father . . . in case you were wondering.

It was a relaxing time of enjoying nature, good food, and soothing guitar ditties.

Not to mention delicious s'mores!

Kennon and I went for a 4-wheeler jaunt and saw that snow still exists up yonder.

If you examine the picture above closely, you'll see the rock chuck we spied, sitting on top of a large pile of rocks.

After deciding they had forgotten how to set up ye olde family tent, and realizing it was going to be cold, and they both had to work the next morning, our sons headed for the safety of home and Kennon and I stayed in camp that night. About 3:00 a.m. a piercing alarm effectively awakened us, and any hapless campers in the vicinity. Our camper battery was low and the CO alarm was screaming in protest. The only way we could get it to cease was to shut off the furnace. It was a very refreshing camping adventure. ;)

After returning home half-frozen the next morning (Friday) Kennon and I hurriedly put everything away, cleaned up, packed, and after decorating the graves in Bennington, we headed north. We drove up to the Lewisville Cemetery located about 20 minutes north of Idaho Falls and decorated family graves.

I left yellow roses on my dad's grave this year.

We then journeyed to Annis and decorated graves in that location. Then it was on to Rigby, where we were spending the night with my in-laws. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, Kennon and I went for a soothing walk along the nearby Snake River.
We left on our annual Memorial jaunt a day early for a very good reason---a close friend's beautiful daughter was getting married in the Rexburg Temple on Saturday morning. It was a wonderful ceremony, but as soon as it was over, Kennon and I headed to Wyoming to meet up with varied family members.

We caught up with my mother and sister in Swan Valley, Idaho in our quest for the famed square ice cream cones. From there we drove to Thayne, Wyoming where we were spending the night.
The next morning we met up with lots of other relatives and decorated the family graves located in Thayne.

Most of my kids met us for a picnic in Thayne. (Devin & Kennon had to speak in a ward in our stake Sunday morning, so they met up with us later in Grays Lake) And those interesting looking beverage bottles are filled with IBC rootbeer, in case anyone was wondering.

On we went to Grays Lake, Idaho to Aunt Mary's house where we visited with a plethora of relatives. Devin and Kennon met up with us here and my cute little granddaughter decided Uncle Devin was pretty cool.
All in all, a good time was had by all, aside from the little stomach glitch I experienced Sunday night\Monday. It was the first time my entire clan has been able to enjoy the annual Memorial Jaunt in several years. True, some of us did it in bits and pieces, but we had a lot of fun, shared family stories, and honored those who have gone on before us. And to me, that's what Memorial Day is all about.


Shauna said...

I have a book giveaway blog and would l♥ve to talk to you about your books!

Cheri J. Crane said...

Hi Shauna. Thanks for stopping by and I'll be in touch. ;)