Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whitney Benefit Auction

Hi there. You may be wondering what the Whitney Benefit Auction is, and how this will affect you. This is a really cool idea, trust me. ;) The Whitney Academy is promoting excellence in LDS literature. Since this fledgling organization depends largely (around 100%) on donations, it is striving to raise money for the annual Whitney Awards Banquet. You can read more about this by clicking here: Whitney Awards

This fund raiser is giving you a chance to bid on items donated by some of your favorite LDS authors. These items include copies of autographed books, plus all kinds of treasures that these same authors are donating to go along with the books. What a win\win situation. So if you're looking for a special Christmas present for someone, or an autographed book for yourself, you're apt to find bargains galore when you access this link: Whitney Auction
beginning on November 1st. New items will be added daily through the 18th of November. Be sure to check this out and to tell all of your friends. Happy bidding.

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