Thursday, September 11, 2008


I doubt any of us will forget a moment frozen forever in time: the tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001. For me, it was a time of surreal sorrow. The day before, the daughter of a close friend had lost her valiant battle with spina bifida. I had been asked to sing at the funeral. The morning of September 11th found me preparing to meet another friend at the local church to practice the song I had been asked to sing.

The phone rang before I made it to the church. It was my mother, who instructed me to turn on my television set. That is how I learned about the terrorist attacks on our nation. I sat, already numb with grief, in shock as I watched all that transpired that day.

I called the friend who was to meet me at the church that morning. She was also in shock. Family members and close friends lived in New York and she was trying to find out if they were okay. Obviously we postponed the song practice.

I called another friend, a sister of the heart. She simply couldn't fathom what I was trying to tell her until she turned on her TV. Then we cried together, absorbing pain beyond description.

Seven years have passed. Hearts are still healing. It is a tender day. As such, we have been challenged to show our colors on this seventh anniversary. I thought I would begin by posting mine here today.

Below is a small poem I wrote for this occasion:


Disbelieving anger,
Sorrow without end
Mourning loss and numbness
Collide, conflict, and blend.

Inner pain and turmoil
Led to determined grief
Joining hands we united
To extend service and relief.

The flag unfurled within our hearts
Wounded pride refined
In an instant lives forever changed
Were shaped anew, defined.

Time has passed, we have survived
Though wounds are healing still
The anniversary of this day
Inspires an inner chill.

We will go on to rise above
All that has transpired
Proudly we wave Old Glory
A symbol of what's required.

We place our trust in God above
Knowing He will direct our path
He is the One who granted peace
In the horrific aftermath.

United in prayer and unwavering faith
We will continue to heal
Our hearts will mend; life will go on
Made whole by heaven's seal.

Cheri J. Crane
September 11, 2008

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