Monday, August 11, 2008

Portland was Impressive

Three years ago I saw Portland, Oregon for the first time. I traveled there with my husband on a business trip. We drove, taking my mother-in-law along with us---she wanted to see her sister in Oregon. Braving the huge desert that lies between Idaho and Oregon, we broke the trip up into a couple of days.

The last time my husband and I had traveled this way was on our honeymoon in 1982. [I'll let you do the math.] ;)We had traveled to Oregon and along the coast during that adventure---the first time I had ever seen the ocean. I remember still how beautiful everything was, after passing through the desert. Possibly an analogy there, but I'll refrain today. =) Back to our 2005 trip:

Here is a picture of the Three Sisters Peaks that are visible as you leave the desert realm.

After passing that landmark, we enjoyed the brilliant green forest that is part of the charm of Oregon . . . along the western portion of the state.

Upon reaching Kennon's aunt's abode, we dropped off his mother and headed north, toward Portland. It was an impressive sight as we entered this port city. We drove across a huge bridge that spans the Williamette River, eager to explore.

We walked around that night, taking in some of the sights that were near our motel. Then we tried a local restaurant and enjoyed scrumptious cuisine.

Since this was a business trip and my husband had to make several stops at stores that purchase Monsanto products, we did a lot of traveling in the outlying areas near Portland. This was a lot of fun as it provided opportunities to see places we wouldn't have accessed otherwise.

Here is a shot of a quaint little park we found in one small town. This was the band stand.

One afternoon, we ate lunch in this fun cafe and savored every bite. It offered a unique menu with delicious foods, making it hard to pick which items to sample.

We then traveled along the Columbia River, enjoying the various sights along the way.

We also drove to the famed Mt. Hood, heading up the mountain to the ski lodge for a closer look.

One night, we drove to the ocean, taking the time to walk along a secluded beach. Truly a romantic setting. We later ate fresh seafood in a local restaurant that was wonderful.

On our final day in the Portland area, we found time to hit a session at the beautiful Portland Temple. It was a much needed spiritual boost.

We were sad to leave the Portland area. I hope someday we can return and explore the places we didn't get to see while we were there. Sometimes there's just not enough time to do everything. It's a good thing we have all of eternity to catch up on that kind of thing. ;) Guess what I'll be doing after mortal mode---whenever I can work it in. Yep, traveling. A lot. I probably won't even have to worry about luggage. That can't be all bad. What do you think? =)

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